Welcome to HolistiZen, the haven of peace, balance and nourishment. The essence of our offerings lies in our values, as we strive to live by them, while accompanying you in your wellbeing journey. We believe in the power of sharing and authentic bonding, coupled with respect for Mother Nature.





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Happy Clients

HolistiZen Winter Boost connected me to my inner-child. The team spirit created by HolistiZen allowed me to naturally adapt myself to bike with the other participants. The tree hugging made me recall my childhood days of tree-climbing. The cold water experience was scary, but the way it was guided, I did not feel the coldness. Meghna is an inspiration to many and her caring attitude creates a safe space.

Jean Philippe

Financial Controller

Holistizen helped me in rediscovering the joy and peace of being outdoor and one with nature. My camping experience was awesome. From walking down the trail, chilling by the river, sleeping under the moon & stars to listening to the sounds of the night. The early morning yoga in nature and hiking were soothing experiences to my mind and soul. It has also been a great opportunity to meet new people and discover healthy food.


Internal Auditor

My YogDive experience has been a fruitful event. Despite being hydrophobic, I decided to do scuba-diving. In a few words: stress resistant, flexible, balance, strength, peace, positiveness and healthy are what I felt. I never realized how amazingly peaceful the ocean can be. I felt so calm and relaxed as I swam next to hundreds of beautiful creatures.


Client Service Specialist

The KaYog experience by HolistiZen brought serenity to my heart during a difficult time in my life, while the stillness and beauty of this place reminded me that we are surrounded by beauty, and there is a lot to be grateful for in life.


Marketing Manager

HolistiZen has provided me with a safe space to connect with my inner self and manage my emotions. The better you feel in your skin, the more prepared you are to navigate through life’s challenges.



Joining HolistiZen Online Classes morning boost session has brought me physical health, loss of weight, stamina and flexibility, as well as peace and an overall feeling of well being! Grateful for all the positivity I am gaining through this journey!


Thanks to HolistiZen, I was able to connect with both nature and like-minded people through unique collective journeys. The YogHikes, YogTreks and sunset cruises are among the experiences that will remain anchored in my heart. Since the lockdown, HolistiZen has proved its resilience and brought mindrefreshing therapy through its virtual retreat.


Occupational Therapist

HolistiZen has quenched my thirst for new experiences in an entertaining way. I learned that seeking permission prior to entering the sacred space of nature was an essential step in connecting with it. More than the indoor sessions, I absolutely enjoyed my YogDive trial. My goal is now to obtain my diving certificate.


Artist Painter

My 4 a.m sunrise YogHike with HolistiZen at Le Pouce, consisting of a silent walk while embracing the 5 elements was one-of-a-kind. The balancing poses of Yoga against a strong wind while hearing a soft voice whispering: ‘Don’t fight the elements, embrace them’ was empowering. I enjoyed every bit of this journey including the shared healthy home-made breakfast and meaningful conversations. HolistiZen team made us feel connected.


Professional Dancer

Meghna and her team provided a top-notch tailor-made team bonding program for Nestlé team. The services proposed were different from traditional team building programs and allowed all employees to be more open and bond comfortably. The overnight camping at the beach with heart warming meals along with deep conversations and other activities created an atmosphere of complicity, togetherness and joy among the team. Thank you HolistiZen for this great organisation and for listening to our requirements.


Cluster Manager, Indian Ocean Islands