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Our Holistic Approach

At HolistiZen, we guide you through the pathway of well-being and remain committed by your side throughout this life-changing experience to assist you in your unfoldment. In this fast-growing world, we take the time to understand your needs, and offer bespoke solutions specially designed to ensure a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle. Beyond providing you with unique eco-zen offerings, HolistiZen aims to be an active player of positive change in glocally. Our team of holistic practitioners and carers are committed to assist you in improving your well-being; physically, emotionally and mentally.


To foster transformational change in a sustainable manner for the well-being of people and the planet.


We work in joint collaboration with Mother Nature and holistic practitioners to connect people with their inner-self and nature through our different eco-zen programs.

Meet Our Founder: Meghna Raghoobar

Behind HolistiZen, there is the story of a strong-willed, free-spirited, altruist woman. Born and brought up in the tropical region of the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius Island, Meghna has always nurtured a profound relationship with her motherland and its natural wonders. Since her most tender age, she would spend her week-ends indulging in the pleasures of nature or at the beach with her family. This has encouraged her to voice out regarding the vulnerabilities of Mauritius and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in several international UN conferences. Driven by her determination to make sustainable development a master plan for African and Asian Small Islands Developing States, she was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship, entitling her to pursue her master’s degree in education for sustainability. Meghna has at heart the preservation of the environment as much as authentic human bonding. Her passion for outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba-diving, kayaking, camping and cycling, combined with her talent for bringing people together around eco-zen events, have consequently led to the creation of HolistiZen. Today, she shares the love of nature with members of HolistiZen through a range of entertaining and enlightening programs for individuals, corporates and tourists.

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