Culture of Wellbeing

We support companies in making the culture of wellbeing their top most priority for their staff through our online, in-house and outdoor offerings.

HolistiZen Lifestyle Shift

The HolistiZen Lifestyle Shift workshop is a one hour training program that would guide your employees in better tracking their wellbeing progress through conscious decision-making. It has been designed to create awareness on where their time and money is spent daily, and how they could have shifted for a better lifestyle. It also has an experiential part consisting of conscious breathing, body movement, laughter and nourishment that could be easily adopted to increase awareness and productivity.

HolistiZen Online Class

The HolistiZen Online Classes is a one year subscription that we offer to both SMEs and companies at a very low rate to cater for the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of their staff. It comprises six weekly LIVE classes conducted by four different coaches that can be practised at the comfort of their home before or after working hours.

HolistiZen Fest

HolistiZen Fest is a tailor-made program for both SMEs and big corporations wanting to bring wellness within their organisation. It can be conducted in-house, outdoor or hybrid on a one day to one week basis depending on the requirement of the organisation. Companies are encouraged to select from three to ten programs for the fest, based on their requirement and number of staff.

The different programs that can be included in the fest are :

Hatha Yoga for Corporates, Qi-kong for Corporates , Dance and Movement Therapy, Art therapy using Mandala Meditation, Sound-healing Journey, Self-Massage Therapy, Laughter Yoga Therapy.

* Full details of programs available upon request

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