HolistiZen Online

Our online program is a series of on-going and short-term sessions we have developed for anyone wanting to make their wellbeing a priority at the comfort of their home.

HolistiZen Online Classes

Our team of five certified coaches/therapists have designed six (6) weekly LIVE online classes for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. The aim of our classes is to cater for your physical, emotional , mental wellbeing.


Kanika Ramtohul

Yoga and Fitness Coach

For more than 10 years, Kanika has been striving to bring the very best out of people, through her different sessions and workshops. Passionate about the mind, body and soul connection, she firmly believes that humans shall achieve progress by listening to their inner self.


Megha Venketasamy

Women Em-Power-Ment Coach and Circle Facilitator

As a certified Shakti Moon Led Woman Circle Facilitator, Hatha Yoga teacher, , Menarche Mentor, Meta-Coach and NLP Practitioner, Megha’s mission is to support women and girls on their journey to re-claiming, re-conciliating, re-membering and rewriting their truth by casting, holding and nurturing safe spaces.


Daphné Amaya

Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner

Daphné is a certified Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) Practitioner who is on a mission to guide people on the path to reconnect with their body and inner self through therapeutic techniques such as DMT and Authentic Movement.


Dr. Divya Jugnarain

Medical Practitioner (MBBS) and Certified Yoga Teacher

As a medical practitioner from Hebei North University, Beijing and a certification in TCM, traditional medicine, a Certified Yoga Teacher, Divya is conscious that prevention is better than cure. Divya is also musically inclined to melodious instruments such as tabla and handpan. She believes that humanity can achieve good health trough natural healing.


Kiran Chandra

Yoga and Fitness Coach

Kiran Chandra is an international coach from India holding a Bachelor (Bped) and Master of Physical Education (Mped) from Barkatullah University Bhopal (Madhyapradesh) with over six years of experience in fitness, strength and conditioning. She is also a registered yoga coach with 500 hrs -Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, Prenatal and postnatal Yoga

Happy Clients

Joining HolistiZen Online Classes morning boost session has brought me physical health, loss of weight, stamina and flexibility, as well as peace and an overall feeling of well being! Grateful for all the positivity I am gaining through this journey!


HolistiZen Online Classes have been my saving grace. My mum and I joined in recently and we are extremely happy to continue the journey with HolistiZen. I cannot say enough about the skilled instructors, their knowledge of the practice and how amazing they are! Yoga has brought us physical health, peace of mind and an overall feeling of well-being. A super big thanks to Meghna.


HolistiZen Online Classes have opened the path to positivity, wellness and purpose for me. It has helped me to become more disciplined both personally and professionally. Having different yoga coaches gave me the chance to learn the different yoga techniques which has been very enriching for me.