HolistiZen Virtual Detox

In an era where we have gone almost hundred percent digital, we are here to help you experience a virtual detox through our three transformational programs. We encourage you to experience at least one of them.

HolistiZen Boost

Our HolistiZen Boost is a full day program with a complete dis-connection with the virtual world consisting of cycling or gentle walk, forest bathing, breathing techniques, art therapy in nature and a nourishing lunch.

HolistiZen Camp

Our HolistiZen Camp is an overnight stay for a full twenty-hour virtual detox, in the middle of the wilderness in Mauritius. Our camping areas are found in remote spaces nestled amongst mountains and waterfalls to help you immerse, chillax and boost. A series of holistic activities has been planned by our holistic practitioners for you. Some of our activities include camping tent setting, sunset hike, sound journey , dance and movement therapy around camp-fire, sunrise yoga, forest bathing, water meditation and art-therapy. Our holistic chef will be preparing your diner breakfast and lunch on-site with love and nourishing ingredients.

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